Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're Moving, AGAIN...

If you recall, my first post mentioned the number of homes we have had during our 60 years together. Well, as our 'kids' say, "You have been in this house for five years; it is time for a move." It is true. We are downsizing again and moving to a very nice apartment, as opposed to maintaining a house and yard at our age.

Our shop, Fashion Frills, will close for an extended vacation on June 30. If you are on our mail list, you will be one of the first to know when we open again. There is a chance we will retire...but I have tried that before and find I prefer being busy and involved. Of course our first great-grandchild will arrive in September...it's a boy. Our apartment will be very close to their home (another reason for the move).

I know prints on silks have been popular for years, but I have found a new interest in this craft. I love finding wonderful prints to prepare for silk (or cotton). So watch for this collection to expand when I open the shop again.

I will try to be more prompt in keeping this blog going. You can reach me this way, if you wish.

Have a great Summer!

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